" 'No' doesn't mean never.."

How many times have you said "yes" to something that you knew you didn't either want to do or simply had no time for? 

Somewhere along the way in life, we learned to equate "no" with being mean or not caring, when in fact it is the exact opposite--it is what care is about. Telling someone the truth IS caring. Being honest with yourself and your availability is caring for yourself as well.

Learning to say "no" is a part of self preservation.  In an era of over committed schedules and undernourished relationships, "no" is necessary. I have news for you guys:  YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING! and that is ok! In the end, if your decision isn't respected or understood, that's not for you to figure out why. What IS for you is to take take that time and invest in yourself. Commit to YOU 🖕🏽

Putting 100% into the obligations you've already commited to is important. When you stretch yourself too thin, those obligations will lack the quality you're capable of giving.

"No" doesn't mean never, it simply translates to "not right now". Give yourself the time you are so eager to give others and you will see a return in your investment 😉



Taylor York